Barbados is a small and exquisitely beautiful island, most easterly of all the islands of the Caribbean. It is a coral island rather than volcanic in origin. For visitors that means western and southern beaches of the palest sand, bountiful seafood and outstanding snorkling in the warm crystalline waters of the coral reefs, while the eastern shore offers surfing and breathtaking scenery. Other natural wonders include the otherworldly Harrison’s Cave and Turner Hall Woods, a remnant of the dense jungle that formerly covered the island.

The people of Barbados call themselves Barbadian or Bajan. They are a friendly and hard working folk, religious, literate and independent. Barbados is a fully-developed country with safe tap water and food, duty-free shopping and five-star restaurants, golf courses and marinas, museums and botanical gardens, clean beaches and lively nightlife. Because of this the island is a favorite with VIP guests and heads of state, but there is something for everyone. Barbados has it all!