Kitchen view

When staying at Whitecaps we strive to provide the most pleasant and relaxing trip for you. Read what some of our previous clients have had to say about Whitecaps:

“The food was great and the staff tip-top. Although I may have lollygagged watching the ocean too much, this was the perfect place to finish my novel. Anti-Dreary London.”

Dylan S.


“The night was so thick with stars and the songs of the tropic, our stay became a Second Honeymoon. Thanks for letting us extend our stay at the last moment.”

Sylvia V.


“Since our stay in Barbados, ‘Dark-and-Stormy’ is our favorite drink, and Whitecaps one of our favorite places on Earth. We’ll be back!! Please tell Waple thanks a million for the fish.”

Aaron B.


“Please accept these glass flowers as our gift. Whenever we can, we leave the landlocked Midwest and head to an island to get away from snow. We’d always done Maui before, but the sights were so beautiful and the island so easy to get around and interesting to explore, we will back next winter. I saw these at a small glass blowing place in Kansas City and they made me think of Whitecaps. I bought some for our home as well. I still thank the Reverend’s wife every time I see her for letting us know about your beautiful house and lovely gardens.”

Don W.


“Thanks for recommending Brown Sugar in town. It was a great evening with great food, but then every dish Waple made was gourmet. We’re sure missing the soft breezes and little frogs at night.”

Richard C.


“Last year was the first year we’ve missed going in the last six years because Fernando’s dad was sick. Fernando gave me a print of the Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill for Christmas as a promise that we would return.”

Tiffany W.


“My wife and I have stayed in Jamaica, St. Lucia and other places in Barbados — and we think your property was the best. It was one part the comfort of home, one part the glory of the islands and one part Wonder. If you are ever interested in selling the property, or your neighbor’s lots on either side open up, kindly let us know.”

Scotty V.